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Wildlife mortal ,combat of wild animals To see more detail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejfkQngy3iY&index=1&list=PL2x2fRznWVUe8bMrAIXf6Nu7x47ocQVKB Before dying from old age, cobra weighs 18 to 20 kg, almost 4.3 meters long, serpent "crisis", the amount of venom most with 72 times the farm Dong Tam (Tien Giang). Dong Tam Snake Farm (Binh Duc commune, Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang Province) is the Center Vietnam record books established solid record first museum in Vietnam. Center Show stored template of 40 rare snakes with hundreds of fish can be kept in storage solution as land cobra, kraits, leggings nia, sea snakes ... In those instances are kept here, have a template huge cobra. It used to be the largest snakes in the snake farm in Vietnam. Lieutenant Colonel Vu Ngoc Luong - 1 specialist, deputy director of Dong Tam Snake Farm - said: "Template cobra was nurtured in the camp for 18 years. As the largest snake, the longest in here with weight 20 kg, length 4.3 m. A big snake farm record ever. " According to experts Luong, cobra but big body but move fast so it was called cobra cloudy. This breed is extremely toxic venom, only 1 gram of venom can kill 160 adults. They also can kill animals as large as elephants, buffaloes. This species is very aggressive, can take the initiative to attack humans, not afraid to flee like the other snakes. Compared with the biggest cobra Dong Tam camp today (weighing 12 kg, length 4 m), the cobra heavy 18 double and 20 cm longer. It's bigger than the cobra was the people arrested in the past Dong Thap to 3 times. Please Subscribe us for More Amazing Videos!