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Aug 11th, 275 Battery & Sacto, 3pm, SF, hear Paul Kangas, "The Solar Revolution today in China & Russia." —For a good time call Harvey. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Green Party will never be able join the solar revolution as long as they do not support a decentralized, Solar Payment Policy that requires Utilities to pay solar home owners $0.49 kwh for selling surplus solar onto the grid. 30 hour work week creates millions of jobs. 30 hour work week at 40 hours. Put the house before the car. Recent months have been full of breakthroughs among advocates of Solar Homes, like the 100-panel Solar homes policy that requires Utilities to pay $0.49 kwh for surplus solar sold onto the grid for 20 years . Now Maine requires Utilities to pay $0.33 kwh for solar. July 12 -14, World largest Solar Conf. Moscone , 4th & Howard, SF, 9-5, The biggest splash was when Germany pass a law requiring Utilities to pay $0.99 kwh for solar, wind & water. This launched the greatest solar home building wave in history. Germany now has 70,000 solar homes, each with 100-panels. Yes, the magic number is 100-solar panels. Anything less is only a token effort. Aug 11th, 3pm, 275 Battery & Sacto, SF, hear Paul Kangas speaking on his groups Solar tour of the Trans-Siberia Railroad, from Moscow to Beijing. Put the solar home before the e-car. It is backwards to buy an e-car before you build a 100-panel solar home. By buying an e-car, you condemn yourself to buying energy from atomic energy plants, gas, coal & oil. By building a 100-panel solar home first, you take charge of the energy grid. But what has been lacking is a mechanism to focus public attention on the problem and the solution—ensuring that American homeowners have genuine control over solar energy production, over Big Oil. It costs $50,000+ to buy an windmill & where they can be built is very limited. However, most people in half the states can easily build a 100-panel Solar home in 4 months. Banks love this Solar Payment Policy because they see where the money is coming from to repay the loan. Leading this effort is members of the Solar Coalition: Solar Justice, and SAFE, Solar American for Efficiency. Oil's future is a quick death in 2017, as soon as each town builds one 100-panel Solar home. Oil prices will continue to fall below $40. a barrel. There are already over 111 town across Germany that are 400% solar & wind powered. While Germany achieved 90% of its total energy from solar & wind in May 2016, their overall growth has fallen, since they lowered the rate paid by Utilities from $0.99 kwh to $0.40 kwh. They now recognize that was a mistake. They are now talking about raising the rate back up to $0.59 kwh. This solar payment policy is spreading rapidly across Europe, Japan, Ontario, Can., & China. Ontario began paying $0.88 kwh for solar to end coal use. A recent study by the Solar Justice Coalition predicted that by building millions of 100-panel Solar homes, we can head-off the coming oil price spike. By Christmas 2016 there will be over 1 million 100-panel solar homes in the world. California is way behind. Even Maine is doing better than California. Germany now has more people working in Solar Homes, than in their auto industry. The e-car is the wrong path for any nation that does not first have a million 100-panel solar homes first. China now has more e-cars than any other nation, because they have been building small, simple e-cars since 1980. Solar is more reliable & safer than atomic energy. Germany now has 111 towns that are 400% solar powered. Wildsriend, Germany,