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This time we had a big problem with the clutch at our Chinese tractor, two release rod for clutch had broken down, we had to make and weld reinforcement because the material is very bad, we replaced the clutch for pto and main drive, disc`s were fairly worn so new disc is nowhere to buy,so we take two disc to one guy and he replaced only the coating for clutch disc`s,nowit is like new one and cheap,brother pay 60 euro for repair for both disc`s , very worn were bushe`s of release rod clutch,two on one rod, nowhere to buy the parts so we have to make bushe`s by ourself, 7 hours lasted repair, more than 10 times my brother and I put together and separated as tractor pto shaft can not get seated, we finally succeeded and now works very well, I hope that we will have peace at least 10 years,later came our elder brother and the merged wire from the alternator and starter and other wiring, greeting everyone and if you have money you buy a quality tractor not cheap