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SUBSCRIBE for more by Mr. Safety! http://www.youtube.com/MrSafety LYRICS: I am the bunny who hides your eggs and leaves you the sweetest treats As I flippity flop and hippity hop with my big bunny feet. With my big long ears and my little pink nose I'll be hopping down your street But the only thing I ask for is a little privacy. WHAT THE --- DID I JUST SAY? Ashley gets buttercups, Amy gets Peeps and Amanda gets a bag of dried meat. Sam gets a card game and George gets a mermaid and Shaun gets a fresh new beet. That's because I don't have a naughty list So you're all good with me. Just as long as you give me a little privacy. DO YOU WANNA DIE YOU LITTLE --- ? My marshmallows, jelly beans and lollipops all make kids go ballistic but it wouldn't be the same without a chocolate bunny EVEN THOUGH I KNOW IT'S KIND OF NARCISSISTIC If you don't believe then don't get made at me when the Easter Bunny doesn't leave a basket! Because if you do then I'll put you IN A BIG DARK CHOCOLATE CASKET! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? --- OFF! This year is extra special for all you special kids Easter is on 420. Who knows what 420 is? I made chocolate brownies and Rice Krispy bars This year will be better than the last! So have a happy holiday and enjoy that Easter grass! Yes, have a happy holiday! HOW COME NOBODY LEAVES ME TREATS? YOU PEOPLE SUCK! Yes, have a happy holiday! I DON'T GET PAID FOR THIS! THIS IS SLAVORY! Yes, have a happy holiday and enjoy that Easter... THAT'S IT! YOU'RE --- DEAD! VIDEO CREDITS: Written, directed and edited by Mr. Safety Filmed by Joey Coco, Josh Kanan and Mr. Safety Josh Kanan as victim - http://www.YouTube.com/BrokenGroundPictures Guest appearance by George The Giant Special thanks to Amanda Hill and Jay from Prank Bros.