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A video showing the success of the Australian Jersey x Holstein crossbred dairy breed in tropical environments, their profitability, hardiness, disease tolerance, breeding worth backed up by hard research in over 12 countries. Lots of photos and sources quoted. The Jersey breed are heat resistant and therefore crossbred Jersey x Holstein heifers are well suited to tropical climates, assuming proper feeding and management are used. They will outperform other breeds including Australian Friesian Sahiwal and New Zealand Friesian Sahiwals. Main markets for Australian Livestock Exporters include China, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Middle East. Australian Livestock Exporters are licensed by the Australian Government. At Cluny Livestock Exports Pty. Ltd. we focus upon animal welfare, care and compliance with ASEL (Australian Standards for Export) and meeting our client's needs in terms of high quality livestock. http://clunyexports.com/about/export-inquiries/ http://clunyexports.com/breeds/dairy-cattle/ http://clunyexports.com/