11m 2sLenght

7 KMs from Khanapur, 11 KMs from Jamboti, 32 KMs from Belgaum, Newly constructed 10 thousand sq.ft poultry shed, 1HK small house with cement sheets, 2 bore wells, full of water more than 5 inches, Behind poultry shed there is one Nala full of water in rainy season, More than 100 Chiku trees plantation, already took income from 2 years, Previous year Sugar cane plantation done & also took income, Only 150 to 200 meters from tar road, Owner already put an approach road from tar road to this land, And also he will agree to do agreement for that, Surrounding area is full of farm houses of Belgaum, Goa & Maharashtra people, so no security problem, There are small villages from 4 to 6 KMs distance so no workers problem, Peaceful area, Fresh flowing breeze, a good scenic beauty around and very good site will add a grace to your farm.