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Our GOLDEN FARM HOUSE Consists of 26 farmland each 1 acre area situated near podanur , chettipalayam & panappati , Coimbatore ,, 1 cent rate is Rs. 22,000 Minimum one acre sales one acre Rs.22,00,000 A 25ft . tar road through out our farmhouse Close to school, college & residential area and 28km from Coimbatore airport Farmland maintenance for3 years through our farm labour 40 Coconut Tress and 60 of Mango,Sappota,Nelli,Guava totaling 100 Tress in each 1 Acre farmland. Water Supply through two Bore Wells and A Water Tank. Drip Irrigation Facility For all Tress. Free Farm Maintenance For 3 Years through our Farm labour. Electricity & Genset Available. pls contact Abdul salam 9443778786, 9600766656,8124851966