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♡ Subscribe! ♡ ______________________________________________ 關注我/ Stay connect with me: Instagram: @richdeenee 專頁面子書: http://tinyurl.com/pc243zy 部落格: www.sylviaeaster.com Twitter: @Sylvia_Easter Mail: yingyingluv4@gmail.com _______________________________________________ 歡迎回來看我的Youtube ♥ 我是名字叫Sylvia,萝莉身高,我是混血兒,爸爸是華人,媽媽是沙巴原住民卡達山种族。 1987出生,白羊座,出生在山打根,在斗亞蘭長大,現在住在沙巴,亞庇,馬來西亞。我很喜歡化妝,希望通過Youtube能夠和你們分享我的興趣。我做很多種影片,比如: 妝容教學,明星仿妝,DIY,旅遊,產品介紹,和我聊天,開箱等等。謝謝支持,我會做更多影片 :) Welcome back to my Youtube Channel. My name is Sylvia. Has a Loli Height. I'm mixed, my dad is chinese and my mum is kadazan. I born in Sandakan, which is 1987. I grow up in Tuaran Town, and currently I live in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. I love makeup and I hope I teach inspire you all by videos, such like : Makeup tutorial, celebrity makeup inspired, Beauty DIY and hacks, travel, review products and etc. Thanks for the support. I will make more useful video :) 謝謝你 Thank you